Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home Visit Duuuun Da Da Duuuuuunnnnn (<-----creepy music, btw)

Today was our much anticipated home visit with our social worker.  As put by a friend of ours who is adopting, having a social worker come and inspect your house is a great reason to CLEAN.  And clean we did.  Within reason, of course (please see prior post!).  Let me tell you, 11:30-5 was some of the most fun I've had during this process.  Our social worker, Denise, is AH-MAAAZING!!  She walked in, my kids loved her, and I noticed she had a tote bag with her that had "Walk in Faith" written on it.  Are you KIDDING me with that awesomeness?!  When we mailed our application we prayed that God would direct it to the right person at WACAP, and that our social worker would be hand-selected by Him as well.  When a Christian social worker knocked on my door, I sent up a quick "Thank you Lord!" and showed her in.  Denise came in and told us that the home visit could easily take 8 hours, but let's shoot for four.  Suuuper optimistic when my eldest is running loose in our home.  Madelyn was so cute, though.  She raised her hand when she had information to share, and politely waited for her turn to be asked questions.  She did offer Denise a tour of her room a good five times, but eventually got to show her on the walk-through of our home.  We had an amazing lunch of margherita pizza on homemade crust (, followed by an even more amazing dessert of apple pie pizza, which is my own little creation.  Appley orangey goodness topped with a drizzle of powdered sugar orange juice icing.  Just sayin'.                                                           Sorry, I started talking about food and my mind got stuck there.  Anywho, after we discussed the following: Interpersonal relationships, character strengths/weakness, parenting experience and style, early childhood education training, hobbies, safety, and a myriad of other topics, we moved on to the tour of the home.  Remember last time I said I wasn't fit to pass a home visit? Turns out, I was a little right.  Why? Because we are not in possession of....brace for it....a fire extinguisher.  I am SO ASHAMED!! What kind of responsible adult, especially one who's second biggest fear is burning to death in a fiery furnace, does not own a fire extinguisher. Humiliating. Especially after I had bragged about being "an adult" because I have a land line.  Totally humbled by a red tube of foam.  Or rather, totally humbled by the LACK of aforementioned red tube.  Other than that, the visit was really great.  I feel so encouraged to be working with Denise.  I know that she'll be totally forthcoming with all info she has, and I am blessed and grateful once more by the might provision of Sovereign God.  Awhile ago, I was crying to the Lord (and not in the Biblical and/or "churchy" way, I was literally CRYING my eyes out) begging God for confirmation of His Will for us to adopt.  Today I felt Him whisper to me, "Here you go, Precious. Here's some more confirmation for you, oh you of little faith."  I have realized recently that phrase carries so much tenderness when God speaks it to my heart.  You of little faith, though you've asked for an increase of faith, you are tiny and precious in your efforts.  Just because I love you, I'm going to bless you, and because of who I AM, I am going to be faithful to you and your prayers.  You of little faith, rest in my provision.  And tonight, as my heart and my mind strive to function within the limitations of my post-visit exhaustion, I will rest in HIS provision.

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  1. Love it! So excited for you guys :) So very encouraging too!!!!