Friday, February 25, 2011


I have a couple of questions that I was hoping other moms could help me with.  First off, why doesn't it bother me more when I get peed on?  As someone who DID NOT do bodily functions in my former life without kids, I am almost disappointed in myself that I allow small children to pee on me.  Which leads me to my next question: What do I do about the crocodile death roll? If you don't know what I'm referring to, let me be a little less vague.  "Death roll" is a term my older sister coined to describe what a one year old does when getting her diaper changed.  My precious Hazel uses the leverage from me lifting her legs, arches her back further than should be humanly possible, and spins on her head like a bad nineties break dancer.  But why stop there? She cries like I'm abusing her, tries to hit me, and of course, pees.  Now I don't mind all of this, but it does bring me to my final question: Do you have to be patient to be a good parent?  After spending all day chasing babies down hallways, defusing four year old drama, and simultaneously wearing my maid, cook, and concierge hats, I feel like I'm entitled to a meltdown of my own.  In reality, this is where God in his sovereignty shows himself to me in such a powerful and convicting way.  I can almost hear Him speak to me, "Andrea, just think how patient I've had to be with you."  I love that in God we have the perfect parent modeled for us.  Now I just have to make it a daily, scratch that, moment by moment priority to lay my imperfections at His holy and capable feet, and thank Him in advance that He has the power to change me.

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