Monday, February 28, 2011

Today's Big News

Today was a big day in the life of a Pellicer.  We sent in our application to WACAP, the adoption agency we are choosing to use.  We put our hands on our application and prayed that God would be open doors where they needed open, and shut them in our faces where they need closed. I tried really hard to pay attention to my hubby when he was praying, but I felt so giddy with excitement it was all I could do to keep my molecules from seperating!  We walked to the mailbox and dropped in the app.  Ahhhh...there goes the first of many hundreds of dollars :) Even bigger than that, Jeremy and I sat down with Madelyn and told her about her future baby sister.  We are going to begin our home study shortly (the process by which a social worker determines if we are able to provide a home for the age/gender of the child we have applied for), and we wanted her to understand what it meant to adopt. I turned the reigns over to my hubby, who did great, minus teaching Madelyn the word "black" in reference to skin color, and not explaining what adoption actually is.  Not bad for a first time convo, though! Her immediate response was elation, and then she made note of the fact that she would be able to teach Hazel how to be a big sis.  Of course her first thought would be about someone else.  I remember when Hazel was about six months old, Madelyn informed me she was ready to have two baby sisters.  When I told her that was soooo not happening, her response was, "What about Hazel? Won't she get to be a big sister?"  My FAVORITE thing about my eldest daughter is her soft heart for others.  God really went out of His way to give me a daughter who would illuminate how I should be in my heart for those He's graciously placed in my life. We then explained to her that we would be waiting even longer than when I was pregnant with Hazel, and though she seemed to understand, we know that she has little comprehension of time. 
In other news, we got rid of our Dish.  Insert sad  I am, excuse me, was a TV junkie, and though I've been working on it, I still sadly chose to sit my boot on the couch, rather than go play in my daughter's room (But seriously, who wouldn't rather watch the Food Network than get bossed around by a four year old playing teacher?!).  Translation: 55 dollars more a month can go to fund our precious foreign investment, and I am going to be a better mom.  Win-win? I'd say so.  And all of this to the GLORY of the Holy Spirit, who very plainly told me to go cancel my TV, like, now.  If the Lord is going to give me 30 grand towards our goal (which I KNOW He can do!), I figure the least we can do is chip in 55 bucks a month.

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